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Equal Opportunities Commission


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Date: January 29, 2014


  1. ​Prior to referring to the Equal Opportunities Tribunal (EOT) any matter which is the subject of an investigation by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the latter is duty bound under the relevant provisions of the Equal Opportunities Act to attempt to resolve the matter by conciliation.
  2. Furthermore, the Equal Opportunities Act confers upon the EOC the power to request by written notice the attendance before it of any person who is alledged to have committed the act of discrimination in view of an attempt at conciliation, if any.
  3. Non compliance with the statutory obligation referred to at paragraph 1 above may crystallize in a contention of procedural impropriety.
  4. Consequently, the EOC shall summon Hon. Michael Sik Yuen to be and appear before it pursuant to the statutory powers referred to at paragraph 2 above and in compliance with the statutory obligation referred to at paragraph 1 above.
  5. Failure to comply with such a summon, without reasonable cause, shall amount to an offence in law.
  6. The present communiqué is being issued given that the very nature of the matter in lite is of high public interest.
  7. Last but not the least, the EOC has ever since its inception been geared by a commitment of transparency to which it shall always be abiding. Hence, the present communiqué.
    Equal Opportunities Commission
    29 January 2014

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