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Equal Opportunities Commission

Scope of the Law

The EOA 2008 encompasses both the public and the private sector, thus giving the commission a very wide outreach. The law covers the following areas:

(a) Employment activities
(b) Education
(c) Provision of goods and services
(d) Accommodation
(e) Disposal of immovable property
(f) Companies, partnerships, “sociétés” or registered associations
(g) Clubs
(h) Access to premises
(i) Sports

A distinctive feature of the law is that it also includes within its ambit sexual harassment. As such, a person may lodge a complaint with the Commission if he/she feels humiliated, offended or intimidated by

(a) An unwelcome sexual advance; 
(b) An unwelcome request for a sexual favour; or
(c) Any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.