The Commission

The Equal Opportunities Commission is an independent statutory body set up under the Equal Opportunities Act 2008 (EOA), to administer that Act. The Commission’s role is to promote anti-discrimination and equal opportunity principles and policies throughout Mauritius.


The Equal Opportunities Commission currently performs three main roles:
1. Investigation of discrimination complaints, hearing the parties and attempting to conciliate them, when appropriate;

2. Working to prevent discrimination from occurring by informing people about their rights and responsibilities under the Equal Opportunities Act through sensitisation campaigns as well as through preparation of appropriate codes and guidelines; and

3. Keeping under review the working of the Equal Opportunities Act and submit to the Attorney-General proposals for amending them, if required.


The Commission consists of a Chairperson and three other members. Since 1st October 2020, the composition of the Commission is as follows-

Mr. Khalid Tegally – Chairperson
Mr. Gunneswar Shibchurn- Member
Mr. Louis Richard Toulouse- Member
Mr. Gheeanduth Seechurn- Member