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Equal Opportunities Commission

Discrimination based on Status

Discrimination based on the status of the person
There are various forms of discrimination and the list could be endless. However, under the EOA 2008, a restrictive list is set out. As such, the alleged discrimination has to be based on the ‘status’ of the aggrieved person. Status is given the following meaning under the EOA 2008:
  • Age
  • Caste
  • Colour
  • Creed
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Impairment
  • Place of origin
  • Political opinion
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
The scope of the term ‘status’ is therefore limited to the above.
Sex Discrimination
A discriminator is deemed to discriminate on the ground of sex where he acts as he does because of the pregnancy, family responsibility or potential pregnancy of the aggrieved person or because of a characteristic of the aggrieved person that generally appertains, or is imputed, to a person who is pregnant, has family responsibility or is potentially pregnant.
Family responsibility means the responsibility of a person to care for or support a dependent child or any other immediate family member who is in need of care or support.
Potential pregnancy means the fact that a woman is or may be capable of bearing children; has expressed a desire to become pregnant; or is likely, or is perceived as being likely, to become pregnant.