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Equal Opportunities Commission

Discrimination by Victimisation

‚ÄčDiscrimination by victimisation

There would be discrimination by victimisation where the discriminator subjects or threatens to subject the aggrieved person to any detriment or gives him/her a less favourable treatment

(i) On the ground that he/she has or proposes to:

Make a complaint under the EOA 2008 against the discriminator;
Bring proceedings under the EOA 2008 against the discriminator;
Furnish information to the Commission;
Attend an inquiry under the EOA 2008;
Provide evidence or testimony as a witness;
In good faith, makes an allegation that the discriminator or any other person has committed an act of discrimination falling under the EOA 2008; or 
ii) On the ground that the discriminator believes that the aggrieved person has done or proposes to do any of the things referred to above.